our roots

Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? These are life’s most important and toughest questions. I’ll try my best to help. Here goes:

Who are we? Just Add Chocolate is a chocolate workshop in Lehi, Utah, started by J. Foster Lanenga in May 2018. Foster became interested in chocolate 17 years ago when his good friend, Farris, invited him to be a partner in a new start-up called Farris and Foster’s Chocolate Factory in Orlando, Florida, where they both live. The partnership was short lived as Farris was called up for duty in the Air Force Reserves in 2002. When his tour was up, Farris was offered a position to remain with the Air Force and he took it. Foster kept the chocolate company going by teaching small classes and workshops on chocolate making to youth and adult groups and were soon doing specials for Girls Night Out, Date Nights, Family Nights, Corporate Team Building and kids birthday parties. In Orlando, the business took off. We call this store Just Add Chocolate because, well, that’s what we do here.

Where did we come from? Orlando, Florida. If you read the above paragraph, you would have known this already.

Why are we here? To spread peace and joy throughout the land. And chocolate. Let’s not forget the chocolate! And to have fun doing it. We hope we can bring some fun to you too.